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Creating A Pinterest Inspiration Board For Your Brand

What Is An Inspiration Board?

An inspiration board is a tool that provides a way to help create the personality and brand identity of your logo or WordPress website design. This Pinterest board will generally be a collection of images, typography, color palettes, textures, graphic elements and descriptive words, that represent your desired identity/brand. Combined, this provides a detailed visual of the feeling, tone and energy of your brand and serves as a fantastic starting point for the rest of your project.

How To Create A Pinterest Inspiration Board

You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true! One of the first things I will ask you to do is make your inspiration board on Pinterest. It is really easy to do. Simply create a Pinterest board (on Pinterest, of course!). You can name it anything you want and can even make it private if you like. After that, the fun begins. Just start collecting images, text, colors, etc. – anything that speaks to you and your brand identity. Look for patterns to emerge that hint at what truly inspires you. When you have quite the collection, start narrowing down your board until you have only items that clearly embody your brand.

Let’s Recap

  1. Create your Pinterest Inspiration Board For Your Website
  2. Start Collecting Anything That Represents Your Identity, Such As:
    1. Your logo and/or logos that inspire you.
    2. Colors that you like to create a workable palette.
    3. Fonts that are easy to read and match your logo and style.
    4. Images that depict your core values or business message.
    5. Textures, graphics, patterns and photos you like.
  1. Curate & Collate:
    1. After collecting all your images, fine tune your selections.
    2. Only keep the most important images that captures your brand.

You can take a peek at my website inspiration board on Pinterest for well…inspiration!