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Project Description

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Project Description

Capricaries House, Inc. is a family of companies encompassing a range of fields such as IT, Web Design & Development and other related business services.

Capricaries House, Inc. and its divisions believe in providing their customers with the best service and support. Their mission is to enable clients to be successful by furnishing the tools, products and services they require. C House is a locally owned, Indiana based business focusing on achieving their clients’ objectives in a cost-efficient manner.

Capricaries House’s redesign of their website was badly needed. Already using the WordPress platform, a better theme was implemented and work began. The logo was refreshed along with the website copy. A new slider and color scheme were chosen for the overall look of the site.

Redesign: 2017

Skills Needed

  • Content Editing/Writing


  • Editing

  • Identity & Branding

  • Responsive Design

  • Social Media Strategy

  • WordPress Development

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