All About Spitfire Web Solutions

About The Company

Spitfire Web Solutions is an innovative web studio based near Cincinnati, Ohio, where creative design meets form and function. Services include WordPress Website Design, Identity Development, Social Media Solutions, Consulting & more.

I specialize in creating professional, modern websites that are tailored to your unique vision and goals. I enjoy working with established companies, start-ups and individuals. I’d love the opportunity to assist you with your next design project.

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Identity Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Consulting & Training
  • Hosting & More

Mad Skills

My Skills | Spitfire Web Solutions

All of my skills were developed over the years through study, tons of reading, research and old fashioned hard work. It’s an ongoing process as there are always new, fun things to learn.

WordPress Development 98%
Social Media Strategy 79%
User Interface Design 86%
Service & Support 99%
Illustrator & Photoshop 89%
Consulting/Training Skills 80%
Runs On Coffee 100%

About Me

Owner, Spitfire Web Solutions
Babygirl - My Chief Feline Officer
Kousa - Administrative Assistant

The Secret, Creative Life of a Freelance Web Designer

When not on the job, I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking in the many parks in the area. I’m a writer and love writing fiction and poetry—working on various projects whenever I can. I also enjoy photography, drawing and painting. Holidays are another chance for me to let my imagination run wild. Basically, if it’s artistic and creative in any way, count me in!

Support System

I am very lucky to be married to a remarkable , supportive man who has been there for me through thick and thin. We have one wonderful son and now, one cat, Babygirl—the ruler of our universe & my CFO (Chief Feline Officer). We lost our 17 year old kitty boy, Cthulhu, to cancer in November 2013 and he is terribly missed.

Update! We have a new kitty who we named Kousa as she was found laying near our little Kousa dogwood tree out back. She decided to adopt us as her people and of course, we were absolutely smitten. Kousa has now joined our team as Administrative Assistant, keeping me on my toes!

Other Unimportant Tidbits

I’m a fan of great food (chili, steaks) and great drinks (margaritas, wine & more recently Hard Cider, due to finding out I’m gluten sensitive—yay, go me!). My favorite reads are fantasies, mysteries and horror. My favorite movies are horror, fantasies and sci-fi. I love spending time with my family and friends, and enjoy the many activities the Cincinnati area has to offer.

That’s me in a nutshell…literally!

What Inspires Me

Spitfire Web Solutions | My Inspiration

I Think | I Scribble | I Design | I Code | I Create

I wrote that phrase a few years ago and it really does sum up who I am. I’m a creative person and draw design inspiration from many different and interesting sources.

My passion for technology and research blends seamlessly with my love of all things design. As a result, this allows me to create functional, beautiful WordPress websites and brand identity for individuals and businesses.

If you would like to work with Spitfire Web Solutions, simply fill out my inquiry form, I’d love to hear from you!