Identity & Brand Development

Brand Identity & Design

Just who do you think you are? What about you or your business sets it apart from all the rest? How do you want others to feel about you or your company?

Your brand identity is about much more than an awesome logo. It is a belief, an idea, a representation of who you are and what you stand for.

It is about building trust through consistency. It encompasses typography, color, design and yes, that all-important logo.

All these things and more go into creating the unique identity you present to your potential customers.

It is about discovering what your vision, mission and core values are.

It is about developing a cohesive brand strategy that will enable your audience to see, right-off, who you are and what you are about, whether as an individual or business.

How I Roll (Or What’s In It For Me?)

  • Initial Inquiry—Get in touch to get started & let me know what your brand requirements are. If I feel we are a great fit, I’ll send you off a quote to get the ball rolling.

  • The Ubiquitous Questionnaire—You knew I was going to include this! This is going to get you thinking about the who, what, why & how of you & your business.
  • Inspiration Board—This is a Pinterest board you will create, where you collect ideas & inspiration for your brand. Read more about creating an inspiration board.
  • Consultation—We’ll go over the questionnaire, Pinterest board & your requirements. This will form the foundation for your brand’s vision & long term goals.
  • Mood Board—I’ll create this from a mix of the questionnaire, your Pinterest board & our consultation. It will include a color palette & images to define your style.

  • After the Mood Board is done, that’s when the real fun begins!

Identity & Branding Info

Examples Of Some Logos

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